Switching to EV? Can your telematics partner answer 'yes' to these 5 questions?
Geotab can.

Ensure your telematics partner can answer these questions as you adopt electric vehicles in your fleet:

  • Can you give me recommendations for fleet electrification, from my existing fleet data?
  • What is the basic EV driving and charging data I need?
  • Can you expand my charging infrastructure and make it smarter?
  • Can my telematics system be customised for my fleet’s specific EV needs?
  • Will my telematics system support all the electric vehicles I’m interested in today? And tomorrow?

Want to transition your fleet to EVs? Think Geotab.

Already operate a partial or full electric fleet? Benefit from Geotab’s extensive model support and data insights including: real-time battery state of charge while driving, energy consumption and charging metrics all in one platform.