Why choose Geotab Proplus and Keyless?

ProPlus is Geotab’s top rate plan, offering premium telematics functionality, including limited lifetime warranty, active tracking, full range engine data and more. Together, ProPlus and Keyless form an improved car sharing system that provides fleet managers with more advanced ways to oversee operations.

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Reduce costs and inefficiencies for a leaner operation

Minimize overhead costs with the ability to securely grant and centrally manage access to vehicles. Access can be remotely granted or withdrawn in seconds for a smooth transition.


Seamless integration with software reservation platform

Integrate Geotab Keyless directly into your own software with easy-to-use APIs, or work with one of Geotab’s trusted best-in-class software reservation partners.


Protect your assets 

It takes just seconds to remotely ensure all vehicles are locked to protect your vehicles from potential theft.


Improve car sharing experience

Virtual key handover means no more long wait times for car pick-up and drop off.


Locate vehicles from your phone

Eliminate the need for physical keys, ensure only authorized users have access at particular times and prevent vehicle lockouts.


Get started with Geotab Keyless

The key to your fleet’s success isn’t a key at all. Experience first-hand how Geotab’s Keyless digital key solution can revolutionize your fleet. 


Get started with 6 months FREE of Geotab Proplus + Keyless service with the purchase of every telematics GO9 device and IOX-Keyless combo.


Promotion period: February 1, 2021, and ending July 31, 2021. Terms and conditions apply.